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Belief and Determination

I would say that I am anything but perfect, I award that accolade to the current Mrs Frankie Boy (just in case she reads this), but I do have some qualities, some better than others.

There are people who find some of my habits annoying, but I love the movie “Dirty Dancing!” I am not ashamed to admit. I have been told in the past that I was a determined character, I am not negative (contrary to what people tell me at my regular work, AKA “The Fun Factory”) but I pride myself as someone who is a realist.

Whether I was performing, writing or broadcasting, I always knew what the limits of my abilities were. The fact that I enjoyed doing it so much, gave me the drive and determination to be the best that I could possibly be, whether it was performing, writing or broadcasting. The fact that people liked what I did, made me want to push myself even more. I never regarded myself as the best singer, dancer, actor or writer, but I had the belief in myself as someone who could pull off it off at a reasonable level. I also had the determination to work at it.

If you have a strong enough belief, then you would be surprised at what is achievable if you are resolute enough. You might not reach your desired targets, but at least you can say that you had a go. Despite what I viewed as my limitations as a dancer, it was a proud moment all those years ago when my Brother and I walked on to the floor of venues, like the Winter Gardens at Blackpool to London’s Albert Hall, performing in front of 3000 plus as members of the Scotland Latin American Formation Team. Not forgetting the TV appearances as well.

As a singer, I remember being rejected for a place in my Primary School Choir, but a few years later, and a change of school, I started to find my voice, not just singing in choirs, singing the lead vocals on some performances, but also getting decent roles in School Plays, which more than compensated for my average acting ability – still a work in progress I have to say.

Then there is the matter of writing. From my school days, right up to six years ago, I was a classified Literary Philistine, the kind of guy who regarded Shakespeare as the perfect cure for insomnia. As for poetry, back then, I would happily sit through every episode of “Crossroads” than listen to any recital or even try and write one.

Back then, trying to write any school essays would be pushing the boundaries to the point of reaching for the paracetamol. But thanks to a determined and supportive Tutor and family members, I broke down those barriers, four books in, currently working on my fifth; but I continue to look for new challenges

My singing aspirations had stopped when my voice broke at school and I was convinced I would never get it back. Maybe that was my route into doing Stand Up Comedy. If the jokes failed at least the singing would get the laughs. But with the evolving of the Dunoon Redcoats, going for laughs was not enough.

One of the first requirements of being a Butlins Redcoat was being able to adapt and with support of all the people involved, resulted in me signing songs by the likes of Queen and Chuck Berry – who knew. It is still a work in progress, but it has been an enjoyable learning curve. I could sing as a kid, so being able to sing as an adult is a very attractive prospect. Don’t know how long I will take to get there like. Then finally there is the broadcasting.

There was a time when I thought that opportunity had passed me by, but during the past 12 months, I have never been busier. I am nowhere near the finished article, but like the writing and performing, I know that I am nowhere the finished article, but I have the belief I will get there and I am determined to put the work in.

Belief and Determination – when it comes to living your life, it is a powerful weapon.

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