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Butlins Ayr Trilogy – It’s the final season!

I keep saying that when it comes to writing, I take the same approach to everything I do; I always give it my best and not to be afraid to explore new ways of improvement.  For people like me “over 21”, there is no such thing as being too old to learn.

During the past few months, I have been working towards my next singing adventure around Easter time, doing songs that I would only dream of doing, performing songs from the musicals, classic rock and roll and numbers from the sixties.   As for the costumes, words fail me – except to say, check out the pictures when they came.

My intention of wanting to learn something new has also extended to my writing, especially since the publication of my latest book, “Don’t Mention Hi-De-Hi.”.  As this is the second part of a trilogy, I need to take the story in a different direction from the first one, because one of the key questions I have been asked since the first book of the series, “What Time Does Midnight Cabaret Start”, was what happened next to the characters.

I hoped that I was able to provide an answer to that question, with a book that was more character driven than the first one. I was bowled over with the response to part one with all of the wonderful comments posted on Facebook and on Amazon.   

With “Don’t Mention Hi De Hi”, there was a definite change of direction in the story, a step into the unknown in terms of my creative writing, so I was not expecting the same level of comments compared to “What Time Does Midnight Cabaret Start.  

Since the second book was published, I have been pleased with the positive response on social media and on Amazon; however I did learn another lesson the other week when I received a comment on Amazon that was not as positive as the others. 

When you work on something for so long and someone is less than complimentary than the others, I would be honest, it did hurt initially, but it did not take me long to realise that not some brilliant reviews come with the territory for authors.   You can’t please everybody.   

Even some of the most famous writers in the world have had less than favourable reviews in their time. People who take the time to read a book or watch a play are more than entitled to voice an opinion, even though it might be not be complimentary.  It is their right.   

During my “literary philistine” days at school, I have not been shy in voicing an opinion about work regarded as plays and books, regarded  as classics of literature, usually along the lines of a more reliable cure for insomnia as opposed to sleeping pills. 

So one thing I would never do is criticise someone for giving a view that you don’t want to read.  As I am now fully committed to my writing, I am certainly not immune to criticism.   So I welcome all reviews of my work, good or bad

As long as it is not a personal attack, you can learn from it, turn it into a positive and use it to help make you into the best writer that can possibly be.  Which is all I ever want to be.

All three instalments of the Butlins Trilogy  are now available.  If you have read “What Time Does Midnight Cabaret start,’ ‘Don’t Mention Hi De Hi,’ or “How do you get the Donkeys up the Stairs?’ I hope you enjoyed reading them.   If you have not done so, I would welcome your reviews and comments, positive and not quite so positive – hopefully it will be more the former as opposed to latter.

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