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Flashback: Butlins Scarborough Reunion 2014

It has been the busiest couple of months ever, trying to combine the referendum coverage with developing the publishing business, continuing my radio activities, which included a great week of shows for the “More Music Radio Fiesta Weekend,” and almost two weeks ago, we had one of the most enjoyable weekends at Scarborough at the 2014 Butlins Reunion. AND NOW RELAX !!!!!!

I have only been involved in the Butlins get togethers for four years where every one of them have been brilliant, fun occasions, remembering the good old days with friends you worked with all those years ago as well as forming new strong bonds with people who lived similar experiences as you.

In fact we have become a Butlins Family and I am proud to say that the current Mrs Frankie Boy and I are proud to be part of it.

We knew that this year’s reunion was going to be different as I would be working with my very good friend and ex Ayr Redcoat Valda in putting the programme together.

We wanted to build on the success of the previous three years and deliver a cracking weekend that was also a trip down memory lane. This year we took the bold step of doing an old style Butlins Redcoat show which for many was for the first time in decades.

We only had an hour to rehearse it and it would be fair to say that many of us, including myself was on “brown alert,” especially as one of the sketches had me stripping down to pink boxer shorts with pretty bows. But any Redcoat will talk about taking part in shows where you were thrown in the deep end, preparing a show in such little time.

Only back in those days rehearsals took place when the campers were asleep and in this case we had to get it completed before the evening meal. I wont go into details of what happened during the show is to suggest that you look at the series of excellent videos taken by Dave Mooren which captures the atmosphere of the whole weekend brilliantly along with the events that took place Just go to You Tube and type in Forever Butlins 2014 Reunion.

There will be eight parts in total.   Here is a teaser below: Valda and I did work hard in putting this year’s programme together and it was emotional when we were treated to an ovation by everyone on the final night along with being presented with a thank you gift. But I have to say, and I am confident that Valda would agree with me. This reunion was not about us, it was an event for everyone.   They all played their part in making it a tremendous success.

I know that we could not have delivered the programme without the help and support of those behind the scenes. I don’t want to risk mentioning names, cause as I am often told, I am at a funny age, and I would probably miss someone out.

We also have to mention all of thosee who stayed at the Grand Hotel (who were brilliant with their help) at the weekend, not just those who were linked to the various Butlins Social Media groups, but also members of the public who shared our love of the old style Butlins creating a wonderful atmosphere throughout those three days, which is what Butlins Reunions are all about.

PS:   As people have been taking interest in my Frankie Boy Bake Off pics on facebook, I was able to bring down some home baked bread which thankfully was well received and a stomach pump was not required. And people have actually asked me for the recipe, which I am delighted to do.   See below:       ====================================================================================== Frankie Boy’s Blue Stilton and Walnut Rolls.

500 Gms   Strong White ( Bread Flour)

10 Gms Salt

10 Gms Fast Action Yeast

40 Gms Unsalted Butter.

100 Gms ( Approx) Blue Stilton Cheese

60 Gms Roughly Chopped Walnuts

320 ml( Approx) Cool Water.

Oil ( For kneading)

Method: Rub the butter into the flour.   Place the Salt and Yeast at opposite sides of the bow. Gradually mix in the water, using your hands.   Mix till it becomes a soft dough.

You might require less or more water, depending on the absorption rate of the flour. Place the dough on a lightly oiled surface and knead until the dough becomes smooth.

Shape into a ball and place into a lightly floured bowl.   Cover with cling film then lay to rest in room temperature until the dough at least doubles in size.

This can take between 1 and 2 hours. Crumble the cheese into a separate bowl along with the walnuts.   Mix well with your hands. Once the dough has rested, scrape it onto a lightly floured surface.

Knock out some of the air and the roll out the dough to a rectangle. Evenly distribute the cheese and walnut filling onto to the dough and gently press it into the dough.

Tack up one end of the rectangle to the bench and roll up the dough to a long sausage shape. Divide the dough into the 70-80 grm and create various shapes that you see fit.   Here is a selection.

Place the rolls on a floured baking sheet, cover with a tea towel and leave to rise for about 40 to 50 minutes.   During that time pre heat the oven to about 200 o C.

Once the rolls have rested, you can coat them with an egg wash (beaten egg and a dash of salt). Place the rolls in the middle of the oven for about ten minutes +.  Oven temps may vary.

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