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Free Audio Download Offer!

Butlins Ayr Trilogy

It is not unusual during the festive season for authors and publishers recommend their books as potential stocking fillers. Why should I be any different.

This year I finalised the publication of my Butlins Ayr Trilogy following the publication of a hardback version of the series. That means that the stories are now available in all of the formats, E Book, Paperback, Hardback and Audio.

If you want to find out more about these books then you can check out the other pages on this website, check out my new Youtube Channel, or sign up to my Facebook Group: Butlins Ayr

For those that like audiobooks, I would like to offer you the chance of downloading a free copy of the audio version of part one of the Butlins Ayr Trilogy: “What Time Does Midnight Cabaret Start?”

To claim your download, sign up to the Butlins Ayr Group and state your interest in the comments box. I will then send you the code as a Private Message to enable you to download from

What Time Does Midnight Cabaret Start

2 thoughts on “Free Audio Download Offer!”

  1. Hi i worked in the staff canteen at Ayr in 1982 and 1983, if my memory serves me right lol. I was the one responsible for feeding all the hungry staff with the provisions i had been giving ,as all the campers in the main restaurant below us had all the good stuff. Looking forward to reading your Book on the camp , as i had some great times their as an 18 y/o working away from home for the first time. Cheers Tom

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