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Growing Old – Disgracefully!!!!!!!

We always like to live our lives to the full, but there is one thing that many of us continuously try to avoid at all costs.  Growing old before our time! When is our time – nobody knows.   And to be honest I don’t want to know!!

Trying to avoid the physical evidence is not enough.   The signs of your advancing age are unavoidable.

I know that I am getting older, because I can remember when “Now that’s what I call Music Vol 1!” came out.   I look at the charts and often say “that today’s music is nothing like what it was in our day”, I watch TV programmes like “Baywatch” and “The Only Way is Essex” for the plot.

And when you refer to teenagers as “kids”, or go on a dance floor at a wedding, dancing in your own special style to “Black Eyed Peas” and exclaim “I say, this song has a good beat” – you know that you officially belong to a different era

So how can we avoid our advancing years?   For some it is buying a bottle of the latest formula of grey hair remover and spending the rest of the month trying to figure out why most of it ends up on your bathroom towels and not on your head.

But hair dye is only a short term solution.   There will come a time when you would not be able to walk about as a grumpy old man with the hair of a student.   Best bet is to let Mother Nature take its course.   If you are a man and have all your own hair then show your grey locks with pride.

If it is good enough for George Clooney and Pierce Brosnan, it is good enough for you.

Alternatively you can adopt a healthier lifestyle or go down the self-denial route and quite simply avoid looking in a mirror.

Ages is all in the mind, but for many it can be something of an embarrassment.  But once you get past a certain stage in your life it can be something of an achievement.

There is a golden rule that a gentleman “should never ask a lady her age.”  But that restriction eventually goes out the window.   For when they get to a certain time of their life they are the ones that are ready to tell everybody.   “I am nearly 70 you know”.

Gents we can laugh, but you know given half the chance, we do the same thing.

But from my point of view, I know that I am slowing down, not because of my age.   I am grossly unfit.    I still like to think that I can produced the odd short bursts of decent stamina and I can still do the same things that I did 27 years ago – only I now need at least an hour to recover.

So I know I can at least do something about that and adopt a more positive lifestyle.   We are all living longer so forget about the “body clock” – let’s live life to the full.  We can show those “young uns” how it should be done.

Blimey I just said that!!!   I must be getting old!!!!

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