Soloshot1Author Writing has been a part of Frank’s life for almost three decades, ever since he first penned his first magazine article in 1992.

    15 year later, his full time journalistic career started to fizzle out due to changes in the market place along with other unforeseen circumstances. From that point, his writing would amount to no more than producing articles for the various web projects that he was developing with friend and associate, Gordon Newlands.

    That all changed when he completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree at the Open University. Part of that Degree involved Creative Writing modules, developing stories and writing prose, which initially was a barrier that this one time “Literary Philistine” knew that he had to break down if he was to get those elusive B.A after his name.

    What it did, was unlock potential that he never thought that he had. The result was the publication of his first novel in 2015, inspired by his former life as a Butlins Redcoat, What Time Does Midnight Cabaret Start, which he published along with Gordon Newlands, under the Banner of IWM Publishing.

    The book continues to sell and has received positive reviews on Amazon In 2017, Frank published the second instalment of what has now become the latest instalment of his now “Butlins Ayr Trilogy,” Don’t Mention Hi-De-Hi. the final instalment of the Trilogy ( title to be confirmed) will be published later this year. In July 2019, he republished his free e book about his personal journey dealing with Thyroid Cancer, “The Thyroid Diaries” inspired from his blog posts.

    Future writing projects will take Frank well away from his Holiday Camp past with a novel based on American Football as well as a series of short stories.

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