75543692 10220194530243595 8094964058089848832 nFinally, the new look website is up and running.  It may have taken a while to sort out, as it had become clear that I do not know about this new system as well as I thought I did.

But after several days recovering lost articles, pulling one’s hair out (not physically doing it, obviously – too painful) I now have the bare bones of what is now an operational website.

141123081 10224414981632242 3593100507277700886 nI keep saying that when it comes to writing, I take the same approach to everything I do; I always give it my best and not to be afraid to explore new ways of improvement.  For people like me “over 21”, there is no such thing as being too old to learn.

141123081 10224414981632242 3593100507277700886 nIt’s the end of an era; as Frank, returns to his Hi-De-Hi days, remembering a much-loved holiday camp that once brought pleasure to thousands of holiday makers and changed his teenage life.

Get Ready for a Hi-De-Hi Finale !

sing song

There's a Writer in there somewhere !

DSCF0249 2 Copy

Remembering Gerry the Tramp

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