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9780992957971“How do you get the Donkeys up the Stairs?” is the concluding chapter of a romantic trilogy inspired by his three life changing seasons working as a Butlins Ayr Redcoat during the early 1980’s regarded by many as the latter stages of the Hi-De-Hi era.

Cover Logo1Butlins Holiday Camps were often regarded as British Escapism at its best!  For millions of holidaymakers, it evoked wonderful memories of a special world where it was a week’s holiday for a week’s pay.  For those who worked there, the memories were also life changing.

coversegA love story or a trip down memory lane?  Greenock born Author, Frank McGroarty’s second novel is a combination of both, as he revisits a much loved holiday camp that once brought pleasure to thousands of holiday makers and changed his teenage life.

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The 1982 Summer Season at Butlins Ayr was over. For Terry McFadden, life couldn't be any better. Those few months did not just change him as a person, but it also changed his life.

Get Ready for a Hi-De-Hi Finale !

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There's a Writer in there somewhere !

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Remembering Gerry the Tramp

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