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Receiving the gift of Dyslexia

DSCF0249 2 CopyAs a former Freelance Journalist of 15 years and a writer and publisher of a number of books, the last thing I expected would be someone telling me that I was Dyslexic.  

But after being scrutinised for six hours during the last few weeks, that was exactly what happened, which makes me more than just a reformed literary philistine.

Frankie Boy at your Service

36778367 10216311941741309 4692726351881306112 oOriginally Published March 2014

Just been watching I think one of the best reality challenge shows on TV, “Michelle Roux’s  Service” which has had a welcome re run during the past few weeks.  If the BBC had any sense, they would commission a second outing.

Flashback: Butlins Scarborough Reunion 2014

10698514 10204923953408718 630365633853486593 nIt has been the busiest couple of months ever, trying to combine the referendum coverage with developing the publishing business, continuing my radio activities, which included a great week of shows for the “More Music Radio Fiesta Weekend,” and almost two weeks ago, we had one of the most enjoyable weekends at Scarborough at the 2014 Butlins Reunion. AND NOW RELAX !!!!!!

RIP Bruv

Heartache and devastation through the loss of a loved one, is part of life that we have to deal with, as it is all going to happen to us all one day.

However I don’t think any of us were prepared for the speed of the recent passing and funeral of my Brother Charles, in what would be fair to say has been the worst three weeks ever for my family.

Remembering Gerry the Tramp: It’s Written in the Stars!!

58870263 10218706941134797 8083857839598075904 nAnyone privileged to wear the Butlins Redcoat Uniform and who made an impression on holidaymakers during their stay, so much so, that they are talked about decades later, had to have something special. Gerry Griffin possessed all of those qualities – and a lot more.

Get Ready for a Hi-De-Hi Finale !

sing song

There's a Writer in there somewhere !

DSCF0249 2 Copy

Remembering Gerry the Tramp

58870263 10218706941134797 8083857839598075904 n


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