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Mid Life Crisis

We all get older, it’s a natural process.
But it’s something we try and deny.
Hit the Gym; buy flash clothes, a logistical mess.
However it’s something to help you get by.
Then comes your first grey hair, usually on your head,
it’s nothing some hair dye won’t cure.
If it’s anywhere else, you will wish you were dead,
So stick some down there to make sure.
You’ve made the effort, but not quite so fast,
Disguising it will only take you so far.
You may look modern, but your mind’s in the past,
Judging by the state of your car.
But getting old, doesn’t mean life’s clock is ticking,
You’re not ancient, but remain in your prime.
Live life to the max, but with some minor tweaking,
Like move from Lager to Sodas and Lime.
Ok! Your waistline is getting naturally wider,
But there’s no need for fret or alarm.
Just leave those grey flecks on top of your napper,
It’s never did George Clooney no harm.