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Superbowl – It’s Party Time!

Well, I think I have finally recovered from last night’s Superbowl.   It is my night of the year when I attend my annual Superbowl Party – in my case a Superbowl Party for one.

That is not me looking for sympathy by the way.

I always look forward to an evening of brilliant football, blended with a memorable halftime show.  Sometimes that is not always the case, but these are the challenges we must deal with.

Here, I am sitting in the comforts of my own abode, with the best view of the place, namely my TV, along with my coffee table loaded with the customary Superbowl delicacies, Burgers, Nachos, some of the usual libations, etc.  

I would not mention their brand name as it may be classified as free advertising – “True!”

“WASSSAPPPPPP,”     Sorry! I almost had a moment there.

Having attended so many events over the years, for me this was the more enjoyable option as you did not have to worry about trying to get home during the early hours of the morning.

Plus sitting on a comfortable couch, with a beer in hand was a much better alternative to standing amongst a crowd, trying to catch the best possible view of the screen at the other end of the room trying to shut out the background noise.

Whilst I prefer the home Superbowl Party, it remains a test of endurance, every year, I hear my head telling my stomach, “You can do this!”

The main test is to make sure that I consume enough food and drink to make it a unique experience and not so much that my body regrets it in the morning.

I also had the additional challenge of making sure that I found it deep within me to summon enough energy to stay awake to the very end and make sure I do not miss the key elements in the game which last year was breathtaking,  not forgetting those fantastic halftime performances Shakira and Jennifer Lopez a few years ago.

However last night, was a real test of my inner resolve.  Superbowl is not the same when you have UK commentators covering the game and it was made worse by some over the top punditry who were more enthralled with Star Spotting as opposed to the game.

In particular one certain Pop Star.

One commented that Taylor Swift could be seen having a drink and the 49ers Fans were not happy.  Are we talking in-depth commentary or what?

The game itself was anything like the classic that I was hoping for.   Whenever there were lulls in the action, the producers would rely on shots from the Hospitality Box and the touchline, the kind of footage that would keep the “Swifties” happy at least.

Then there was the added joy of dealing with the halftime show, featuring what I can only describe as a music icon of the 1990s, but for someone like myself, over 21 and a “child of the 70’s” I can only say that “at least the dancers were good.”

But one thing I am not going to do is slate someone who has sold millions of albums around the world and judging by the online comments, his performance more than made its mark with fans around the globe.

But for everyone who said how wonderful it was, people were saying the opposite, myself included.  But you cannot everyone.

As for the game, thank goodness for overtime.   The first four quarters, despite what the pundits were suggesting was anything but a classic.   It only became interesting when the Chiefs managed to find a way of tying the score and taking it to sudden death.

Thankfully they managed to get across the line, and then they reverted to what was happening in the Hospitality Box and it was only a matter of time before the aforementioned pop star would get on to the pic to snog her boyfriend.

That was time for me to finally get to my bed. It was 4 am

Plus having seen what was going on the TV, I decided that my stomach could not take any more punishment.