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The search for my inner “Dragon”

The one thing I will say about writing, broadcasting, and performing, it is a labour of love and also a passion.   But I am sure that given the chance, I would happily turn that passion into a business.

I am the first to admit that earning a living in the creative industry is anything but easy.   Developing ideas is one thing, but getting people to buy your product, is an even bigger challenge.

For the majority getting your product out there, and getting your voice heard was all that mattered.   When I first started, performing, writing, or broadcasting, I had a clear idea of the kind of thing I wanted to do, and if only a few people liked it, I was more than happy.

But as I move towards by 6th decade, (over 21 in Dad years) I find myself with the desire to challenge myself even more.  

It started when I was last on the dole back in 2010.   During that five and half year period, I found myself being knocked back for endless job interviews because it was felt that because of my background, “I would leave after a month”.  

I assume that the “background” they were referring to was my 15 years running my own business as a freelance journalist.   I was never one of those sought-after scribes, but through my perseverance, I carved a reputation as a hard working scribbler.   And when you were competing alongside the staff writers, you had to be.

My dad used to say that I was always a determined individual.  And despite my resolve to get off the dole, I found out that I needed more than that to get working.  

A couple of thousand job applications and a handful of pointless job interviews later, I was struggling, coping with the job rejections, (five minutes was the record) as well as the endless digs about how people like me were not doing enough to find work, “sponging off the State”.

I needed a direction, and I certainly was not going to get that from the dole.

So during that period, I upgraded my skillsets completing one of my biggest ever at the time, when I was awarded an open degree from the Open University.    I did not find work but it inspired me to try new ideas.

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And with an HNC in Business Administration and Radio Broadcasting already under my belt, I found myself wanting to try things that a few years earlier I never thought were possible.

With all of that knowledge, I found myself writing and publishing my own books, along with producing radio shows, which I continue to do, whilst still doing a regular day job.    Having passion and ambition is one thing, but you still have to pay the bills. 

It would be easy to feel proud of what I have achieved so far, with my various projects.  But despite my life experiences, I find myself as I move closer to “bus pass” age, I keep thinking I still have the desire to still be in charge of my own destiny. 

And that means turning my creative and performing life into my business life.  I am not seeking fame and fortune, ( I would be a fool to knock if it happened )but if I could turn my passion into my job, then that for me is the ultimate goal. 

I have never been busier when it comes to recording, and writing, but my last business venture showed that being an entrepreneur, was not one of my strongest qualities.   As a writer and broadcaster I am proud of what I have achieved so far, but I know that there is room for improvement.

 You are never too old to learn.  For me, knowledge gives you power and belief within yourself, whether you want to run your business or just enhance your personal development.  I turn 60 next year and I am going to make 2023 a year to remember, personally and professionally.

I have ambitions, I have goals, and I have a vision.   There is nothing wrong with dreaming.   I am not saying I am going to achieve everything, I am certainly not worried about that;  but I am going to do all that can to at least have the tools in place to give me a chance to be the best that I can be.  

And I have already started.

To improve your writing, it pays to learn from the best, and last week I finished an online course presented by one of the best in the business, the creator of the world famous “Jack Reacher” novels, Lee Child.  Tonight I have started to discover my inner “Dragon” through an online seminar with “Dragons Den,” Legend, Peter Jones.

I still have a lot of writing and broadcasting to do, and with this latest course, I am starting to feel that there is a businessman inside me waiting to get out.  

I look forward to the day I can bring those two worlds together.

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