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A Vision of Elvis – The Ultimate Tribute

Performing and Music have always been in my DNA.  I think what played a part in that, was the regular trips to the theatre, watching many showbiz legends, who for me defined the term “Star.”  

I cannot say the same about a lot of the current bunch.

I was never into buying albums, that was my brother’s department unless it was those compilation ones that would come out every Christmas.  K Tel! Ronco!  Ahh, those were the days.  

They were also pioneers.   Nowadays it is Now that is what I call Music.  Whenever they release their latest collection, it is the only time I ever feel my age as I remember the release of “Now That’s What I Call Music Volume 1.”

So, when it came to music, it was mainly the singles, especially those where I could practice my drumming technique.   Back in those days, I would regularly wear out the living room carpets, trying to be the next Cozy Powell.

On those occasions when I did listen to albums, it would be those featuring Elvis Presley, not just the movie soundtracks, but the landmark ones, like the 68 Comeback Special, Aloha from Hawaii.  He did not just create magic in the recording studio, but for me, he was the ultimate live performer. 

If someone said that I would join a fan club, I would think that they were mad, but I did do that.  One of them was Elvis – the other was Bucks Fizz (but that’s another story)

Along with his musical genius, Elvis was one of the most impersonated artists ever, he inspired so many tribute acts before tribute acts were even invented.

As all Fans know, apart from his stint in the army, he did not do any shows outside the US.   So, the demand was certainly there.

Whenever I came across Elvis Acts, they would mainly focus on the Vegas years, but I recently saw what was more than a tribute act, but a full-scale production that captured not just the story of Elvis, the Spirit of Elvis, and the magic of Elvis.

A Vision Of Elvis is for me the ultimate tribute to the King of Rock n Roll, fronted by former Royal Scots Soldier, Rob Kingsley described my Brother as the best in the business.   The fact he consistently plays to packed audiences more than justifies that statement.

And after watching what was a fantastic show the other night, I am more than happy to add my name to that growing list.  The audience’s reaction said it all.  As a fan, the one thing I always insist on is that whoever is on stage as Elvis, has to do their homework.  And he more than delivered.

A true fan himself, obviously, his performing links came across by accident after leaving the army, singing an Elvis song at a Karaoke and as they say, the rest is history.

The latest production of A Vision of Elvis, takes fans on a musical journey, celebrating the great man’s career from his post-army days, the movies, the Comeback Special, Vegas, and ending with the Aloha from Hawaii period.

No attention to detail has been spared in this show, along with the brilliant way Rob puts his own personality into the show, brilliantly interacting with the audience, delivering all the classic songs in true Presley style, backed by a terrific band and singers along with a multimedia presentation which added an extra layer to the story.  

It would also give him a bit of breathing space when it came to the numerous authentic costume changes, like the army fatigues from GI Blues to the iconic leather outfit from the Comeback Special ending with the Diamante outfit from the Elvis on Tour years.

A Vision of Elvis has captured the hearts of fans in numerous countries as well as around the UK including prestigious venues like Wembley Stadium.   The venue I was in had less than a thousand, but Rob still had the place rocking, with audience members on their feet by the end of the night.

As well as the fans, his performances have received glowing endorsements from people close to Elvis, like his former road Manager Ed Bonja: “He sings like Elvis, looks like Elvis, hell, he even walks like Elvis, he even has the on-stage charisma that Elvis had.”

Where I was, the Lady sitting next to me, admitted to not really being an Elvis Fan, I would be surprised if there wasn’t a few more there like her.   But after watching the show I saw and the reaction of the audience, I expect that a few of them would have been converted.

You cannot get a better tribute than that.

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