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Happy New Year: Time for new challenges

I want to be a famous and bestselling writer and author.   I would also like Greenock Morton to win the Champions League, but all things are not possible.  

That statement is not designed to shatter anyone’s dreams but offer a bit of realism. 

Only a small percentage of writers, broadcasters, and authors achieve fame and fortune, but there is nothing wrong with having dreams. But if you work hard enough and put in the hours you can have your moment in the sun.  

Which in the end can be just as satisfying. 

They make you who you are, and you will never forget them. Who needs the Champions League anyway?  

I am more of a “Giant Killing” fan myself.  

I love watching clubs or individuals who are punching about their weight against opposition from a much higher level, where predicting the outcome would normally be a “no-brainer”.

But history has shown that “lesser” people are more than capable of either toppling their opposite number in competition or giving them a major fright.  

Providing they have a major weapon in their corner – belief!

History backs up that theory:  “David v Goliath”, “The Tortoise and the Hare”, “Morton v Celtic” (that is another story), and more recently “Wrexham v Sheffield (be honest, who did not see that one coming? But it was gooood!!!!!

It is that idea of belief that I have carried throughout my life, whether it is writing, broadcasting, performing, all three, or throughout my other working life.  I don’t talk about that.    Too boring, but it does pay for the other three activities.

I was never afraid of not getting things wrong: I always had belief in my abilities, despite being put in what many people viewed as intimidating and nervous situations, like, performing in front of thousands with the Scotland Latin Team at the age of 16 at the “Winter Gardens” in Blackpool, to performing stand up at Butlins four years later.  

The idea of doing stuff in front of large audiences can be terrifying for some, and it can be puzzling for others, especially when they look at someone like me, who back in the day, was of an introverted nature, but would only come alive on the stage or on the competitive dance floor.

(Readers of the Butlins Trilogy may recognise that scenario)

But I loved every second of it.   And even though the opportunities do not come about as often as they did back then, it still feels great.  But I also loved the challenge that went with it.

Even more so when it comes to being creative. 

It is brilliant when you can produce your own work, especially when you get to perform it as well.   With the Radio, I have been privileged to work alongside some top broadcasters over the years and I still do.  

I am never going to say that I am on their level when it comes to broadcasting, and I am not in competition with any of them.   The only person that I am competing with is myself, to try and be the best presenter and producer I can be.  The same goes for the writing.

No matter what tests come my way, and I have had several of them during the last twelve months.  I have achieved so much during that time and  I have learned so much as well.

And with us now into 2024, I am looking at this year with relish.   I have some major targets when it comes to developing my broadcasting skills, as well as producing my next book, which will be the biggest writing project of my career. 

Do I think this is achievable, absolutely.   The competition is vast, but if people like my radio shows, read my books, and enjoy them, then I would be thrilled.  For many authors that is why we do it in the first place.

However, I am realistic enough to know that it is not going to bring me fame and fortune.   But if it was offered to me, of course, I would take it, but that is just wishful thinking,

Like Morton winning the Champions League.        

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