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Time for a bit of rebranding – Again!

When it comes to websites, it is like regular trips to the Barbers, despite the thought and planning that went into it and the occasional compliments that sometimes cropped up, there was always one person, not totally satisfied – usually me.

Even though I am happy at the end, I am always searching for a better layout, a better look, a bit like my haircuts.  

I thought that I had found it through my last incarnation of the website on what was a new platform.   I felt confident that I had found the perfect way to showcase me as  a broadcaster and a journalist.

But then I decided to partake of an online course, featuring a skills development coach, Per Bristow, who a few months earlier had transformed my speaking and singing and speaking voice through his “Sing with Freedom” programme.

This one was all about creativity and inspiration.   Something I have been aiming for ever since I presented and produced my own radio show and scribbled the first sentence of my first book.

What ever I do, if it is Broadcasting, Writing and Performing, I always aim to be the best that I can be.   I will never stop looking for improvement.  And thanks to that brief injection of knowledge, I think that I have found a new online look that I am happy with.

And with the release of the audio version of the final instalment of the Butlins Trilogy, “How do you get the Donkeys up the Stairs?” it was time for an online revamp.  I hope that you like what you see.

Once again, I have streamlined the content and I plan to add more during the fullest of time.  There will be links to some of my online broadcasts, articles, blog posts (View to Quill), information on my latest books, news of any new books, freebies ( there will be some time in the future – promise), and links to social media.

I think I have covered everything.

Content-wise, it is a bit light (at the moment), but it is once again an operational website. 

If you want to contact me, drop me a line on either my Facebook page or on Twitter.  #frankieboyonair.

I think we all need a hashtag in our lives.

Finally, the new look website is up and running.  It may have taken a while to sort out, as it had become clear that I do not know about this new system as well as I thought I did.

But after several days recovering lost articles, pulling one’s hair out (not physically doing it, obviously – too painful) I now have the bare bones of what is now an operational website.

There may be fewer articles than before, but as many of them are several years old, it was time for a bit of virtual house cleaning.  There were some pieces that I could not hold on to, namely the tributes to friends that have passed away in recent years.

But I will rectify that during the coming month as we approach the anniversaries. 

As for this new site, the menu at the top will be self-explanatory in terms of topics.  As for content, they will take the form of, articles:  writing, broadcasting, announcements, promotions along with any relevant tips picked up along the way.

View to a Quill:  The blog section of my site, which originally had its own webspace, but is now a permanent feature on  As like any other blog, it will cover a wide range of subjects, including remembering absent friends.

Any old posts on here will be highlighted in a “Flashback” feature, but I will be adding new stuff on during the coming months. 

Thank you for coming by, I hope you enjoy what you see

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